February 14th, the first thing that comes to our mind on the morning of February 14th when we open our eyes, is to ask where our soul mate could be.


One of the classic images associated with the idea of ​​a soul mate is reported in the Symposium of Plato, where the Greek philosopher proposes the immortal story of the perfect 'apple'.


Let’s proceed in order. At some point in the masterpiece, Aristophanes says: "At the beginning of time, men were perfect beings, they were complete with everything and there was no distinction between men and women. But Zeus, envious of such perfection, split them in two: since then each of us is in constant search of his own half, finding it, it brings you back to ancient perfection”. In a remote past, there lived three different human genres, Plato writes: the 'male', originated from the Sun, the 'female', originated from the Earth and the 'hermaphrodite' originated from the Moon, taking on both characteristics of the Sun and of the Earth, living with reflected light.


The hermaphrodites were complete beings, who had both masculine and feminine qualities: the shape of the body was roundish, they had four arms and four legs, a head with two faces, four ears and two different genital organs: the perfect examples of 'superman', so to speak. This completeness made them feel even more powerful than the gods of Olympus, so they decided to declare war on them.


Nothing can annihilate the deities: human beings have failed, not even the Giants ... Zeus decided to punish them, dividing them, like an apple, into two equal parts. It was then that the hermaphrodites lost their 'perfection', becoming simple men and women.


From that moment on they lived in a miserable, excruciating condition, because they felt the unbearable and unsatisfactory lack of their old half. Each 'piece of the apple' began to look for the part that once belonged to him and after finding it he would rejoin her. The only purpose of these 'lost apples' was to be together again, no food or work would be needed.


Many died of hunger during the exhausting search, others for the most disparate reasons: the human species was becoming extinct. Zeus, therefore, moved by guilt, adopted a new expedient, giving 'power' to the genitals of both sexes; in this way, the human race could easily continue to populate the planet without risking extinction.


This beautiful philosophical thought of Plato, translated into our slang, Sneakers Addict slang, where the constant search of the twin mate will compare it to the search for the "perfect sneakers", the one that when you see it, your eyes will shine, the one that when you touch it for the first time it will increase your heartbeat, the one that makes you crazy to have it and the one that when you wear it for the first time, you would never take it off, that smell that you would recognise among a thousand perfumes and when you see it paired inside the box it will fill your heart with emotions.


Perhaps we would never want to meet the perfect one, because we like to "fall in love" after all, we like to live these emotions with each new style.


Perhaps Plato with his lightning did not just want to divide us and make our search exhausting, maybe he wanted to allow us to spend time looking for perfection that sooner or later will reveal itself before our eyes, just behind the window of a shop, illuminated by lights neon and some advertising slogans.


Happy Valentine's Day from SneakersRoom.


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P.R.M. Massimo Mastellone