In 1990 a very young Steven Smith gave life to the New Balance 997, the workhorse of the company.


A very innovative design for that historic period of time, actually in those years had never seen a Sneakers created with the technique of overlapping different materials, a bit of astonishment and sensations made the fortune of this Sneakers, which now comes back on the market, in a slightly renewed version, a winning style.

If you are passionate about 90's vintage fashion you will not be able to resist to the great return of this 997 HAJ, his colours will take you directly into the past. Opening the shoes box you can breathe the air of arcades, 2D video games and pinball machines with lights and inimitable sounds.


The world release is scheduled for February 2, 2019, you could not miss this super exclusive from SneakersRoom!!


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P.R.M. Massimo Mastellone