All the passionate of the world Sneakers or Instagram fans have surely come across to the endless hours of surfing on social networks in various GIVEAWAYs sponsored by bloggers, major stores and famous influencers.

 In reality what is a GIVEAWAY?

 To clarify, the term Giveaway (or give away) means to give something.

Basically a gift from the company that organizes the contest, this happens in exchange for something, which is expressed in likes or shares.

 Why do companies give products to their customers in exchange for likes and followers?

Simply, to create the so-called engagement, which serves to increase the interest in the brand or for a company of an eCommerce, while for customers the opportunity to win items very expensive, or difficult to find, with simple actions on their social channels. 

So why be skeptical, or why not participate?

Soon we will organize a sensational GIVEAWAY, which will be impossible not to participate.

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P.R.M. Massimo Mastellone