Who does not know Fila? The historic Italian clothing brand, created in Piedmont in 1911, which after years of press silence is now back in fashion, establishing itself on all fronts with the style Fila Disruptor, becoming the most "Instagrammable" Sneakers of 2018/2019.


After a few months, the Fila Distruptor have become a true #musthave, no fashion victim can ignore them.


Created for real Spice Girls, they are perfect to be successful on Instagram, what more to ask for sneakers in 2019???


The success as we are used to now, it has been conditioned by influencers and famous people of the fashion world who decided to wear these sneakers during the last Fashion Week. In a short period of time, there was a huge rise in social media, and sales and public requests have increased accordingly, the brand has hit the market, doing better than the cousins Adidas and Nike!!!


The hashtags #filadisruptor and #filadisruptor2 have more than 132 thousand publications on Instagram, confirming the birth of "Disruptormania".


Their fame and the immense visibility on social media, can be attributed to different reasons. The first and most important reason is related to the price. They are CHUNKY sneakers, super trendy, similar to some created by the biggest fashion brands, at an honest and acceptable price. Thanks to all these factors they have attracted the attention of many young people.


Fila has also presented the new RAY shoes, maintaining the trendy look without sacrificing comfort, a fundamental prerogative of the company.


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P.R.M. Massimo Mastellone