A few weeks ago we presented the first limited edition Skateboard line, in collaboration with the tattoo artists of Castellana Grotte, in Italy.


The collaboration was created from the idea of making the fundamental themes that make our area, the beautiful Puglia, unique.


Simply giving the main topics to tattoo artists, as Trulli (typical cone-shaped houses of the area), sea, cherries, sea food and Madonna of Vetrana, for the most believers in faith, the patron saint of our country (Castellana City), and the game is done.


The presentation took place in our Sneakersroom store, quickly transformed into a real Sneakers Room style party!!!


The entire Skateboard collection is available in the SNKRS CAPSULE section, which will soon be filled with customized Sneakers Room items.


Stay connected with us because we are preparing new skateboards!


P.R.M. Massimo Mastellone